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Mar. 30th, 2013 | 10:00 am


It has been quite a while since I updated this journal...

But I'm feeling nostalgic and wanted to write something. ^-^

Hee Jun and I are still together (of course) and have been happily married for a couple of years now ^-^

We have two fluffy children (our dogs) and have been traveling around the world lately.

I got to see Japan, China, and a lot of Southeastern Asia. It has been a really uplifting experience for me!
Luckily I have my other half by my side along this journey.


Also, ♥White Day♥ just passed a couple of weeks ago and Hee Junnie surprised me with some home-made chocolates. He's never been a crafty cook so I thought it was very unique and thoughtful of him. It could have turned out badly...but it was actually quite nice. ^^;; I'm not as creative so I just got him a nice watch, but I won't post it because I don't want to make anyone jealous ^_~ But I will post the choco he made me though.

Currently he is sitting beside me on his computer playing Starcraft with his legs wrapped around my legs. --;;

치~ 우리 베이비가 게임을 나보다 더 좋아... ㅠㅠ 씨방

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